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history of congregation

     The history of the Church of Christ in Lancaster, Ohio goes back to the era of World War II - August, 1943, when the congregation began to meet at 300 South Broad Street.  The first evangelist was a man named Halley Smith.

     By 1945, a new meeting place at 860 E Mulberry Street was dedicated under the direction of evangelist Fred E. Dennis.  The local minister at the new location was Kenneth Franklin.  This was the place of assembly until November of 1970, when the building was sold and construction begun on a new site.  During the years at E Mulberry St, the congregation was served by many ministers, including Kenneth Engle, Hunter Miller, Dwayne Derrick, Wayne Porter, David Lavender, Amos Orrison, Bill Curry, and Jack Gladwell.  Garnet Baker served from 1967-1975, and thus was a bridge to the new (and current) meeting site:  1779 Granville Pike.

     While the new building on Granville Pike was being constructed, the church met for assemblies in the Thomas Ewing Junior High School. from November 1970 through September 1971.

     The first service at the new site was conducted on September 19, 1971.  Garnet Baker remained the minister at the time.  An open house was held April 23, 1972, with Lewis Hussell speaking.

     Since the early to mid-1970's, the church has continued to serve at this site, and has been served by a succession of faithful ministers:  Steven Goad, Jerry Starling, Bruce Wagner, Patrick Mead (1985-1993), Todd Truax (1994-2006), Jason C. Thompson (2006-2018), and currently Mark Mason (2018-).

     In addition to pulpit ministers, the congregation has been well-served by various staff members through the years.  In recent years, youth ministers have helped to create a vibrant and meaningful spiritual enviroement for the young people of the congregation.  Our most recent youth ministers have been Jason Blackwell, Greg Camarata, and Luke Skelton (current).